Soap Genie

soap recipe calculator

What is Soap Genie?

Soap Genie is a soap recipe calculator and organiser. What makes Soap Genie unique is the AI that powers it. Gone are the days of guessing how much of each oil is needed to make the soap with the creaminess, hardness, or INS you desire.

Instead, select the oils you have, impose limits — such as maximum 50% coconut oil — as you like, set the desired properties, and … Soap Genie already calculated a recipe for you matching these criteria.


Built for Universal iOS

Different people have different devices. One family might have a big iPad, a modern iPhone 11, and a handy iPhone SE.

Soap Genie is built from the ground up as a Universal app. Buy it once and use it on all devices with your account on. Whether it's an iPad or an iPhone, Soap Genie always looks great. And it supports Dark Mode and Dynamic Scaling.

You Are in Control

You are creating the soap, and you want to decide what goes in it. But you need some help with wrapping things up.

It doesn't matter whether you are starting from scratch, have specific needs, or are adjusting your favourite recipe. You can limit oils by setting exact values, as well as maxima/minima. Soap Genie always abides by your requests.

Helping you Save

We understand that you want to keep costs low to help you build up a viable business, but you don't want to sacrifice quality either.

Soap Genie allows you to set the prices for your oils/waxes/butters and can optimise a soap – with the constraints and properties you have set – to find the recipe with the lowest cost.

Keep Track of Recipes

It's not just about creating new recipes, but also keeping track of the recipes you created before.

Keep track of all recipes in the handy Recipes box, add labels, rate recipes, add notes, make batches of different sizes, and analyse the properties of your soap – both numerically and visually.

Balance the Fragrance

Nothing says loving tender care quite as well as a soap that has the ultimate fragrance. Moving from one note to the other, your soaps create a lasting memory.

Not only does Soap Genie know about over 35 fragrances and their ideal concentration, but the Genie can also help you match those fragrances that go hand-in-hand.

Feel the Speed

Time is money, so you don't want to wait on a recipe to be created.

There's a lot going on in the background, and the Genie's Artificial Intelligence (AI) is always thinking. Not to worry though. The AI is built from the ground up for speed, leveraging the raw power of your device through the Accelerate framework.