General Information
  • This is the Soap Genie development roadmap. Use this board for a quick overview of new and upcoming features.
  • Roadmap Disclaimer: Features and timing are subject to change.
Recently Added
  • Fix Rounding Error The manual calculator rounds to 100%, which causes problems when making recipes totalling over 100, such as 1000g. In these cases the ingredients would be rounded up to 10g. This is now fixed and rounding always happens up to 1 digit. v2.1.5
  • Scaling Automatic Graph The graph in the Automatic calculator now scales each property to indicate how low or high the value is in the selected range. This makes it easier to see if a given property is towards the lower or higher end of the selected range. v2.1.5
  • Add Bucuri Butter 2.1.4
  • Set a Reminder Trying out a bunch of soaps? Set a reminder to check up on each soap so you can edit/tweak the recipe as needed. 2.1
  • Swipe to Delete Swipe to delete instead of using the minus buttons to avoid accidentally deleting an oil/additive when you were just trying to change the weight. 2.1
  • To 100% or ... Better visual indicators in the manual calculator when disabling the normalisation to indicate whether you are below or above a 100% total. 2.1
  • Full Manual Calculator Soap Genie incorporates a full manual calculator. This works exactly as any other online calculator. Of course, all extra features of Soap Genie will also be supported. At any time you can switch to the AI version to let Soap Genie do the work for you! 2.0
  • KOH, Lye, and Superfat Upgrades Set the KOH purity, give the liquid as the water:lye ratio, and select whether to calculate superfatting for cold or hot soap making. 2.0
  • Additives If you are using additives in your soap, then Soap Genie has your back. Pick from the included list of additives (for colour, exfoliation, boosting properties, etc.), or add your own. 2.0
  • Custom INCI labels Choose yourself how the INCI labels look: opt to include superfatting information, and/or decide to show the oils/fats before or after saponification. 2.0
  • Saturation Levels Get information on the ratio of saturated and unsaturated oils in your recipe. 2.0
  • Soap Labels and Notes Keep better track of the soaps you make with the ability to add (custom) labels and multiple notes. 2.0
  • Volumetric Oil Pricing Liquid oils often arrive in bottles. To simplify pricing you will be able to enter the price per volume and Soap Genie will do the conversions for you. 2.0
  • Dark Mode Take advantage of the new dark mode available in iOS 13. Soap Genie automatically transforms into its dark mode when you change to dark mode on your iPhone or iPad. 2.0
  • The longevity of the soap is shown as one of the soap qualities. Of course, Soap Genie can create a soap for you that maximises the longevity. 1.2
  • New options are added to Settings to specify the price of lye, both KOH and NaOH. 1.2
  • Show the total price of a soap. This feature only works when all the oils/waxes/butters used in the soap have been given a price. 1.2
  • Palm kernel oil added as an oil. 1.1.10
  • The AI got smarter, faster, and more consistent. 1.1.9
  • Add beef tallow as an oil/wax/fat. 1.1.9
  • Show the recipe notes on the printout. 1.1.9
  • If you add prices to the oils/waxes/butters, there are some cases when Soap Genie would not correctly load the prices when the app restarts. 1.1.8
  • Fragrance Suggestions Soap Genie can advise on fragrances in the other notes that go well with the selection(s) you already made. 1.1.7
  • Fragrance CountExtra fragrances have been added, increasing from 24 to 37 fragrances. 1.1.7
  • The printout of a recipe includes the INCI information of the 13 new fragrances. 1.1.7
  • Printout Improvements The printout of a recipe includes the spider graph which visually shows the properties of a soap. Options have been added to Settings so you can choose to add the soap making instructions, and so you can choose the paper size of the printout. 1.1.6
  • It is possible to change the weight of a recipe when viewing a saved recipe. 1.1.6
Near Term (1 – 3 Months)
Date to be Determined
  • New oils/waxes/butters can be added through a new screen in Settings.
  • Stock Management Keep track of the ingredients in your pantry with the integrated stock management options.
  • Add support for CloudKit, so that ratings and recipes are shared among iOS devices of the same user. no longer planned